Jon Kooley


Jon Kooley

– Nitro´s stolthet i egen hög person –



Name: Jon Kooley

Nationality: USA

Stance: Goofy

Bithday: 2/21/80

Place of Birth: Portland, OR

Home mountain: Brighton

Board: Jon Kooley 152 – Best board out there!

Binding:  Raiden Blackhawk

Boots: Celsius

Sponsors: Nitro, L1, Celsius, Ashbury, Level, Comune, Milospor



What was your first board?

-Burton Twin

Where did you go snowboarding the first time?

– Birch Hill in Fairbanks Alaska.

Your favorit country?

– Germany, I actually spent some years there when I was a kid.

Your best trip so far?

– Every time I go back to AK to film.

You have to cook for somebody. What would you cook?

– Steak… Its the only thing I can cook. I just love meat!

What would you like to change on yourself if you could?

– I wouldn’t mind being able to grow a real beard.

If somebody would pay you a trip, where would you go and with whom?

– I would go to Japan with my girlfriend Ashley. Japan is amazing and i would love for her to see it.


– Yes, but i don’t use it much.

Who are your favorit riders to hang out with?

– Will, Jordan, Seth, Zack

What do you do besides snowboarding?

– Draw, Paint, Skate, Ride my motorcycle, Hang out with Ashley.

The meanest thing you ever did?

– I’m not sure, maybe pick a fight with someone who didn’t deserve it.

How would the house of your dreams look like?

– A big garage, that’s all I need!

What do you beleive in? Destiny or Coincindence?

– Destiny

Men are?

– Dirty

Woman are?

– Beautiful

The worst pain you ever had?

– Splitting my knee open this winter.

What makes you laugh?

– Ashley

As a kid you were?

– A little shit I’m sure.

Is there any invention you are waiting for?

– Hover board

How old do you feel?

– 20

What do you think do people who don`t know you think about you?

-I’m not sure… I don’t think I want to know.

What do you think about yourself?

– I’m happy

Single or not?

– Not

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