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King and Queen of Cable!

tor young photo by amp
gary stelfox photo by  amp
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Nick Davies, Sophie Cordery, Bret Little, Szebastian Szolath and Andreas Voss earn titles at the final stop of the 2009 WWA Europe Wake Park Series (EWPS) at Princes Club, London.
The UK undoubtedly has some of the best wake park riders in the world, including current WWA World Champion, Nick Davies and top competitors such as James Young, Lewis Cornwall and CK Koester to name a few. While their performances on the recent WWA Wake Park World Series (WPWS) have earned these young riders much attention on the world scene, we cannot forget about UK’s legendary talents such as Ben Hitch, Jonty Green and Gary Stelfox whose distinct styles have awed and inspired so many. Therefore, it was only fitting that Princes Club near London host the finals of the WWA Europe Wake Park Series (EWPS) at their annual King of Cable event.

The King of Cable has a long tradition of being the big highlight and one of the most anticipated contests of the season. This year, the caliber of the event and the quality of action on the water was raised to a whole new level as some of the best international athletes in the sport converged at Princes Club to compete for the overall title and honor that goes with not just one, but two prestigious titles: ‘2009 King or Queen of Cable’ and ‘WWA Europe Wake Park Series Champion.’
The event also included a Pro-Am element with divisions and categories to suit all age groups and ability levels. Supporting the grassroots and showcasing both Amateur and Pro level riding will continue to attract more participants and foster overall growth for the sport, which is one of WWA Europe’s primary goals. New to King of Cable this year, was also the inclusion of a Pro Wakeskate division as part of the overall WWA Europe Series. The riding standard was high as top UK riders Taylor Dell, Zander Jones, Will Bradley, Louis Floyd and Liam Smith had to contend with strong international competitors such as Bret Little of the USA, Kevin Cobb from Austria and German wonder Andy Kolb.
The weather conditions were ideal with warm sunshine and flat water for the competition. The addition of 2 new obstacles to the Princes Club Wake Park: the Relentless Leviathan Box and the Alliance/Wakestock Wall Ride provided a unique playground and a progressive course for competitors to do battle. The Pro Men Head to Head finals were heated as 4 British and 4 German riders took to the water. In the end, Nick Davies would come out on top with Gary Stelfox (ENG) taking 2nd and Nico Von Lerchenfeld (GER) and Freddy Von Osten (GER) finishing up 3rd and 4th. Sophie Cordery (ENG) earned top honors in the Pro Women’s division with Tor Young (ENG) and Alexandria Gardiner (ENG) rounding out 2nd and 3rd place.
WWA World Series Champion Bret Little (USA) took the Pro Wakeskate category with his impressive rail riding skills and enormous kick flip, beating out Kevin Cobb (AUT) and Andy Kolb (GER). Szebastian Szolath of Hungary outshined British riders Connor Jones and Dec Clifford who took 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Jr. Men’s category. Seasoned competitor Andreas Voss of Germany took the win in the Masters category beating out local riders David Ingram and Keith Hooks. In addition, the Oakley Roof Top Rail Best Trick and X-Box Big Air Contests added an exciting element for athletes, giving them the extra chance to take home some prize money. Congratulations to Nick Davies (ENG), Sophie Cordery (ENG), Bret Little (USA) and Martijn Hoogeveen (NETH) for their winning performances and Gary Stelfox and Tor Young for being crowned the new 2009 King and Queen of Cable.

Foto Amp Alliance , UK Cabelwork

KING OF CABLE – Gary Stelfox ENG

1. Nick Davies ENG
2. Gary Stelfox  ENG
3. Nico Von Lerchenfeld GER
4. Frederic Von Osten GER
5. Lewis Cornwall  ENG
5. Peter-Pascal Schmidt GER
5. Tom Richter GER
5. Ben Hitch ENG

1. Bret Little  USA
2. Kevin Cobb  AUT
3. Andy Kolb GER
4. Taylor Dell ENG
5. Yanick Von Lerchenfeld GER

1. Sophie Cordery ENG
2. Tor Young  ENG
3. Alexandria Gardiner ENG
4. Naja Puhan SLO
5. Robbie Rendo ARG

1. Szebazstian Szolath  HUN
2. Connor Jones  ENG
3. Dec Clifford ENG
4. Bence Bodnar   HUN
5. Nick Lewis GER
6. Joshua McHale  ENG
1. Andreas Voss  GER
2. Dave Ingram   ENG
3. Keith Hooks   ENG
4. Philip Lee ENG
5. Stephan Flamm  GER
6. Lewis Hurst  ENG

1. Matt Crowhurst  ENG
2. Mike Burt  ENG
3. Louis Floyd  ENG

1. Freddie Carter ENG
2. Cain Hamilton ENG
3. Jack Battleday ENG
4. Samuel Guyett-Summers ENG

1. Chloe Jones ENG
2. Laura Christian ENGGROMS
1. Scott Rosewell  ENG
2. Connor Floyd ENG
Men: Nick Davies ENG
Women: Sophie Cordery ENG
Wakeskate: Bret Little USA

1. Martijn Hoogeveen NETH
2. Nick Davies ENG
3. Felix Georgii GER

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